Digital Eye AR

AR is what we do.

AR is what we do.

Augmented Reality Apps

AR has made the leap from games to exciting apps that show you products in the real world on your mobile device. Apps from IKEA, Wayfair and Amazon use AR so buyers can see products in 3D and make great choices before buying. The same technology can be used for special promotions in stores, banks, museums and countless other locations. AR enhances the customer experience and can be a powerful component of mobile CX strategy.

Digitally created Santa Claus in bank lobby

AR Developers

Meet Digitaleye AR. We’re an augmented reality studio that creates superior customer experiences through quality graphics and development. Our talented team of designers and AR developers specialize in Apple ARkit and Amazon AR View. We also build native apps for both iOS and Android. Find out how we can help you with your AR initiatives.

Developer working on creating a 3D T-Rex

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